Rodinia Foods is the Rodinia Analytics group’s international trading and retail division for foods. Activities historically concentrated on the global sourcing of various foods for the Chinese consumer market. These primarily covered chicken, sea food and beef. We continue to offer these services and more.

In the UK we focus on importing honey and supplying various outlets in the UK. 

As the UK completely left the EU at the end of 2020, product labelling will be changed. EU laws currently describe honey sold in the UK is a “blend of EU and non-EU honey” – a meaningless term. It only tells the consumer the product comes from planet Earth! Moreover, according to independent researchers some 14% of the honey sold in the UK contains “syrup products”. As consumer awareness about fake honey grows, the market for pure unadulterated honey should expand. Most UK supermarket honey is pasteurised (heat treated above 70 degrees Centigrade to stop fermentation). In 2019 by value the UK was the world’s fifth largest importer of natural honey.

WARNING: Honey should not be consumer by children under one year of age.

This is because honey contains spores of microorganisms from the environment. These cannot grow in honey due to the low water content of some 17%. However, many species of moulds or bacteria can survive until conditions improve. Pasteurisation kills bacteria, but not all spores. Human gut bacteria are therefore needed to give a greater protection.  Infants under one year of age do not have fully developed guts to fight harmful microorganisms.

Our Memberships

Professional members of the Honey Bee Vet Consortium

Associate members of the British Bee Vet Association

British Bee Veterinary Association – BSAVA Satellite Meeting